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True Satisfaction
Paul Fulton
The Rolling Stone famously sung "I can't get no satisfaction". Today people look for fulfilment and satisfaction in lots of places: family, relationships, sport, money, career but in this passage we see Jesus offer "true satisfaction" for everyone, for ever.
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  • Recorded: 12/03/2017
  • Length: 19 minutes
  • Reference: John 3:1-30
Paul Fulton
We all want to be accepted, to feel belonging and part of something. In this talk Paul looks at Romans to see how we can all be accepted by God no matter what we may have done, but also that we should accept others...
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  • Downloads: 143
  • Recorded: 04/12/2016
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Reference: Romans 15:1-14
Exodus Series - 3 - A Message for You
Paul Fulton
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  • Downloads: 175
  • Recorded: 18/09/2016
  • Length: 21 minutes
  • Reference: Exodus 3:1-14
Listen & Act
Paul Fulton
It took nearly 20 years to translate the Bible into the Kouya language for the people in mid Cote D'Ivoire. 20 years a team dedicated their lives to making this happen - because God's Word changes lives. In this talk Paul looks at how we are to Listen to the Bible and then Act!
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 10.6MB)
  • Downloads: 217
  • Recorded: 12/06/2016
  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Reference: James 1:19-27
A Thriving Church
Paul Fulton
What makes a thriving church? In this talk Paul looks at the new church in Acts and sees some of the marks of a thriving church that they: learn, worship, are generous and reach out to their community.
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 10.2MB)
  • Downloads: 248
  • Recorded: 17/04/2016
  • Length: 22 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 2:42-47
A call for committment
Paul Fulton
Are you a pig or a chicken? Find out what this means and more in this talk about commitment, looking at the story of Simon Peter. See how Jesus met Peter where he was at and then his journey to being a committed disciple.
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 8.7MB)
  • Downloads: 330
  • Recorded: 07/02/2016
  • Length: 18 minutes
  • Reference: Luke 5:1-11
Paul Fulton
Preparation! - There's a lot to do at Christmas with presents to buy, people to meet, plans to make. In Luke though we see John the Baptist preparing in a different way - for Jesus. In this talk we see three reasons to prepare....
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 9.3MB)
  • Downloads: 354
  • Recorded: 06/12/2015
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Reference: Luke 3:1-6
Speak the truth in love
Paul Fulton
Continuing our series in Ephesians we make it to chapter 4. This is where the "rubber hits the road" and we learn about how to live. We read about four characteristics of a united church: Love, Truth, Diversity and Maturity and then we have a challenge to be united, speaking the truth about Jesus in love.
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 9.5MB)
  • Downloads: 420
  • Recorded: 13/09/2015
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Reference: Ephesians 4:1-16
Freedom - (Evening Baptism Service)
Paul Fulton
FREEDOM! – It’s a powerful word, it echoes down through the ages bringing with it a passion and power. Paul in this talks speaks of the freedom Jesus came to give us that is for everyone
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 10.7MB)
  • Downloads: 448
  • Recorded: 01/02/2015
  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Reference: Galatians 5:1-26
Following Jesus
Paul Fulton
The story of Matthew chosing to follow Jesus poses us with three challenges - to put Jesus first, to share the good news and to be merciful. Join us as Paul Fulton opens this passage for us at our Back to Church Sunday service.
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 9.1MB)
  • Downloads: 472
  • Recorded: 21/09/2014
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 9:9-13