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Love came down - John 1 1-14
Kirstie Dolphin
In this all-age Christmas Day service Kirstie reminds us that on the first Christmas Love Came Down and encourages us to respond with joy.
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  • Recorded: 25/12/2018
  • Length: 10 minutes
Distributors of love and grace
Kirstie Dolphin
Just as the disciples were called to distribute the loaves and fish to the five thousand, so we are called to be distributors of God's love and grace in the world.
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  • Recorded: 25/11/2018
  • Length: 16 minutes
The Word Brings Life - Nehemiah 8
Kirstie Dolphin
Just as completing the wall brought physical restoration to Jerusalem, God's Word brought spiritual restoration to the people - and the good news is, it still brings new life, healing and restoration today.
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  • Recorded: 21/10/2018
  • Length: 25 minutes
All in God's Time - Nehemiah 2
Kirstie Dolphin
We long for things to happen at our bidding, but Nehemiah shows us how waiting on God's timing is the best way to ensure the right result.
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  • Recorded: 09/09/2018
  • Length: 22 minutes
Marriage or Celibacy - 1 Corinthians 7
Kirstie Dolphin
The Apostle Paul addresses issues concerning sexual relationships arguing that both marriage and celibacy are gifts from God, and calls the Corinthian church to Holy living.
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  • Recorded: 10/06/2018
  • Length: 24 minutes
Saving Grace - Romans 5: 1-8
Kirstie Dolphin
The saving grace of God in Jesus Christ is available to everyone, but not received by everyone. Kirstie explains the part we play in experiencing it for ourselves.
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  • Recorded: 22/04/2018
  • Length: 15 minutes
Children of God
Kirstie Dolphin
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  • Downloads: 253
  • Recorded: 26/03/2017
  • Length: 17 minutes
  • Reference: John 4:46-54
Harvest 2016
Kirstie Dolphin
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  • Downloads: 293
  • Recorded: 02/10/2016
  • Length: 9 minutes
Stand Firm
Kirstie Dolphin
As we continue our series in James we are encouraged to Stand Firm. To show patience and perseverance in the face of life's challenges.
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 9.5MB)
  • Downloads: 338
  • Recorded: 14/08/2016
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Reference: James 5:7-12
Your kingdom come
Kirstie Dolphin
Continuing our series on the Lords Prayer we get to "Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 8.3MB)
  • Downloads: 379
  • Recorded: 06/03/2016
  • Length: 18 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 6:9-13